3 steps to creating a reputation strategy

In an age where reputation is increasingly becoming seen as competitive currency for businesses, it’s important to understand what it is and how to build and protect it. Small businesses in particular can use it to their advantage over bigger, perhaps less agile, competitors.

Government to sell its shares in Lloyds through a trading plan

The Chancellor has recently set out the next stage in the government's plan to return Lloyds Banking Group to private ownership and get taxpayers' money back. Essentially, the government will sell part of its remaining shareholding in the firm through a trading plan.

Tax planning ahead of a business sale

Preparing for an exit needs to take place long before there’s an offer on the table. We spoke to Andrew Westhead, partner in tax at Grant Thornton, about how you can make sure your firm is in the best shape to maximise the return from any exit and what to do when an offer is on the table.