5 practical applications of Microsoft hosted Lync

The traditional business model of all employees coming into the office at 09:00, then collectively clocking out again at 17:00, is long gone. Many businesses now allow employees to operate on flexi-time, providing busy workers with greater flexibility. With greater choice and mobility in the hands of colleagues and employees, how is everyone in the team supposed to maintain contact with one another

With 10 months to go, there are still ‘Back to the Future II’ opportunities for SMEs

Many film buffs have been looking forward to 2015, trying to figure out how much director Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Bob Gale got right in 'Back to the Future II'. That's right, this is the year Mart McFly time-travels to, and it's astonishing how many of their predictions hit the mark. However, die-hard fans were let down when some of the more notable gadgets had yet to be made.

3 trends shaping today’s workplace

The market moves fast these days. Disruption is everywhere. Innovation and customer satisfaction matter more than ever, and the pressure is on to deliver value faster. Companies need to stay ahead of the curve by not only considering the trends that are disrupting businesses and shaping the workplace of today, but also by understanding how to adapt and flourish because of them.