Will 2015 be the year IPOs skyrocket?

After a dearth of capital markets activity, due to the financial and credit crises of late, initial public offerings (IPO) came back with a vengeance in 2014 with a record amount of funds raised through IPOs in London and globally. In the UK we saw many large household names securing IPOs in 2014. However, the flurry in the capital market in the first half of 2014 was not reflected in the second half, with market volatility resulting in many prospective IPO candidates having to delay their plans

Goodfellow and Goodfellow: Creating products requested by top chefs in different countries

After 20 years of running successful, multi-million pound businesses in the manufacturing, food and hospitality sectors Valda Goodfellow joined forces with her husband Paul in 2012 to set up Goodfellow and Goodfellow, which provides tableware concepts, designs and table art to food professionals looking for individuality and innovation.

The 10 best SME advisers in the UK

Small business network Enterprise Nation asked fledgling businesses to nominate an adviser that had helped them to build and grow a sustainable business, which set out to highlight the work done behind the scenes by experts helping Britain’s army of small businesses to build and grow.