First Women Summit: Are quotas bad for business

The subject of quotas has been a greatly debated subject. Lord Davies' target of 25 per cent women in boardrooms “within sight”, but Vince Cable has suggested that quotas could be enforced if objective is not met. But how do women truly feel about the subject This one of the questions asked at our inaugural First Women Summit, which draws on the phenomenal network of pioneering women the Awards has created to educate, mentor and inspire. The results were quite intriguing.

Top tips: Tax planning is the end of the beginning when selling your business

Many entrepreneurs focus on planning for the sale of their business and exploiting allowances such as Entrepreneurs Relief, without looking at the tax implications that might occur once you have sold it. There is a perception that the sale of a business is the end of tax planning. But in reality it is just “the end of the beginning”, as without continued planning after the sale, substantial amounts of the proceeds can be wasted in tax bills.

Supporting diversity: Which battles do you fight

There are many groups and campaigns to promote women in all aspects of their lives: to increase their participation in education; sport and exercise; to run their own businesses; to study science and technology; to rise to the top of their organisation and lead the way and to feel confident when taking a career break for caring responsibilities either for children or aging relatives. Importantly, we know we need to work on these challenges at a global level.