4 ways in which the re-emergence of geo-economics could cripple globalisation

The re-emergence of geo-economics comes at a time when many states in the developed world – including Europe and the US – faced with high levels of public debt and weak domestic support are choosing to project power through economics rather than military force. This, in turn, is weakening multilateral institutions designed to safeguard the free flow of trade and investment and is giving rise to four trends that could potentially reverse globalisation.

The new VAT: 5 things you need to know

On 1 January, 2015, the European Union (EU) fundamentally changed the way value added tax (VAT) was calculated for direct-to-consumer sales of electronically supplied services. With significant consequences for digital marketers in the UK, James Fredlund, vice president of tax at Digital River, shares the five things he believes businesses need to know to succeed in this new regulatory landscape.