Sport Direct’s Mike Ashley clashes with investors over delay in employing FD

Mike Ashley has garnered a fair amount of disapproval from Sports Direct shareholders. They rejected his share incentive scheme in 2012 due to tax reasons, voted against his £73m bonus package and accused the company of “disregarding” shareholder concerns, not to mention rejected previous proposals due to related performance targets. But it's not the last of Ashley v shareholders – there's a clash going on again.

Turning your consumers into a “modern tribe”: Why football clubs have the most loyal fans

“You'll never walk alone,” is a famous Liverpool chant. And it's due to this boasted and somewhat stereotypical loyalty that football fans have been the brunt of many studies. Let's face it, even when a team finds itself in the bottom rankings year after year, their fans still remain incredibly passionate about them. Wouldn't it be great if customers felt that way about a business