Why it’s high time to give your business an IT physical

I read an article the other day by Cisco’s director of cyber security about why security short-sightedness could spell disaster for SMBs. He argued we’ve had years to learn about human behaviour in the physical world but in the new digital one we’re still playing catch-up from a cyber-security perspective. So why don’t rational business owners and managers put as much common sense into taking precautions over the physical security of their IT systems

Realising the business benefits of flexible working

Flexible working is more than just a buzzword or a short lived fad, it is quickly becoming a serious competitive advantage for those businesses that put the concept into practice. There has never been a better time to embrace it with the influence of technology enabling people to live and work in ways that were previously impossible. Why then do so many businesses have yet to move on from the days of punching clocks and coats on the backs of seats