Can Shazam’s aggressive visual recognition launch dominate media engagement sector?

Shazam, once just a music discovery service, has blossomed over the past few years to support advertisers with TV marketing. Now the company has flexed its muscles to expand beyond sound and into visual recognition technology for its 100m users, and brands including Disney, Evian and Warner Bros – but where does that leave existing players like augmented reality firm Blippar?

Error ? folder cannot be found: Why removing folders improves access to business documents

For decades we have been provided with folders to manage our business files. A hierarchical storage model that panders to that bit of control freak in all of us – or not. They are actually a little unnatural, (teaching people how hard disk/folders work was not an easy task and the older generation have grown up with nothing else) but are now so deeply engrained in our culture that we can’t let go; so much so that new offerings in the cloud such as DropBox and One Drive offer the same model.