A review of the best design events at London Technology Week 2015

London Technology Week (LTW) took place from 15-21 June and was a week of face-to-face events where some of the world’s most innovative products and personalities were on display. Niall O’Loughlin, marketing manager at 99designs, has unveiled the event highlights of the design industry.

How your business can fight professional negligence claims

Business owners have to navigate a number of obstacles: the recent court fee increase, for example, imposes upfront costs of £10,000 on a claim of £200,000. Professional negligence claims are particularly difficult to pursue, however, because your opponent – who, as an individual, should theoretically be easier to take on than an organisation – has a habit of changing mid-bout.

Revealing the business advice you SHOULDNT take

Whether you are just about to start your career, or if you’re thinking of changing your job further down the line, there are some great – and not so great – pieces of advice out there to help you settle in and make an impression.