Former Enron CFO suggests fraud is now ten times worse

In the FT's Camp Alphaville 2015 event, former Enron CFO Andrew Fastow delivered a speech holding a trophy for being finance director of the Year in 2000 in his right hand, and his prison ID card in his left. He was given both items for the same reason, he admitted.

Finding a way to protect your ideas before it’s too late

Rubik's Brand has been of many firms suing the European Court for delays – complaining that pirate cubes were continuing to be sold. Chartered patent attorney Thomas Prock explains why the legal system isn't an impediment to protecting innovations and which is the best strategy to adopt in preparation.

So you think you own your domain Think again's Daniel Foster explains why owning your domain is so important, how to go about getting it back if it's in someone else's possession and who else is likely to be the owner if not you.

Communication strategies can be costly if CEOs don’t get it right

The PR strategies taken by Thomas Cook and Merlin Entertainments – the company in charge of Alton Towers – have been notably different in the face of difficult situations involving both firms. There's a lot to be learnt from each method, not least the sometimes overlooked asset of compassion.