Theres no point in having a Ferrari if your staff are catching the bus

From basketball star to gym owner-cum-celebrity PT to nightclub entrepreneur, Joe Fournier is busy taking his lifestyle organisation global. He shares with Real Business how he got started and why it's so crucial for him to make his 100 members of staff feel like they’re a part of the culture it sells – even if it means reducing his personal income to make them better off.

People can’t let one bad experience with technology put them off for good

With software and online tools providing one of the best, and quickest, ways to increase productivity, we find out from TopLine Comms founder Heather Baker why business leaders mustn't be afraid to first experiment with it, and then reflect why it might not have worked if the desired effect was not found.

Six of the best customer complaint letters

Many customer relations teams dread a cutting complaint letter, but amid the anger, there are some classic finds. We've pulled together some of the most popular letters in recent times.

Has Barclays missed a trick in firing CEO Antony Jenkins

Antony Jenkins has been fired due to disagreements with the board about the pace of cost cutting and the size of the investment bank. However, his focus on company culture may have been exactly what the bank needs to restore its reputation, as well as boost growth.

What does the Greek crisis mean for your small business

Greece's economic instability is a topic that has been teetering along the edges of our consciousness ever since the financial crisis. But beyond the attention grabbing headlines, what does Greece's disastrous economic state mean for you and more significantly your business