“We blew it”: AT&T apology shows bosses need to play nice with customers

No matter the size of the company, listening to customers is an important part of developing products and services. This is obviously not the case when it comes to offering suggestions to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, who has now had to apologise for the way the company responded to a customer's email.

Online marketing: Jargon buster

It can be difficult to keep track of the continuous developments of online marketing. This jargon buster tells you what you need to know and, importantly, whether you need it to grow your business.

CFOs anticipate the coming data deluge and are bracing for the storm

There was one overarching theme in Adaptive Insights' 2015 CFO Indicator: successful CFOs are those that are using technology to lead business strategy with financial data and insights. However, CFOs predict the amount of data they manage will greatly increase by 2020 – which will come with its own set of challenges.