Why an Olympic-standard UK startup grew focus from international to domestic

We can all remember that London won the fierce bid for the Olympics 2012, an event that saw the UK unite. Design is a key weapon of such a crusade and Brand Oath is the British branding startup that went from arming global cities with aesthetically pleasing campaigns to grow by looking at the domestic market.

The plunging Pound: How to avoid being a victim

For most small business owners, the day-to-day challenge of growing the company, keeping customers happy and paying staff and suppliers leaves them little time to worry about currency markets. But volatile exchange rates aren’t just a problem for City traders.

Negotiation is a game recognise that and become a player

All nationalities have intrinsic advantages and disadvantages when it comes to negotiation. The British have the main advantage of being on-the-whole courteous and respectful whilst probably our main disadvantage is our reserve or reluctance to challenge in debate for fear of being seen as rude.

A desk liberation that has led to a legal security nightmare

Lawyers have been increasingly liberated from their desks thanks to digital software, with convenience and affordability the main benefits, but security management was named as the biggest challenge facing legal IT departments – especially in small and medium-sized practices.