How to keep your employees engaged when working remotely

According to research by Group Risk Development, over a third of UK employers have now introduced flexible working. That being said, it can be challenging for remote workers to stay on task and motivated when working away from the office.

The difficulties of hiring new people as a small business

Businesses of all sizes live and die through attracting and retaining the right people. This is no more pertinently the case than with small businesses, where the impact of an individual hire is typically greater than at a larger organisation.

Magic desk helps CEO create healthy workplace culture

User Replay is a digital customer experience management business based in Reading and San Francisco – as a fast-growth company, the management is eager to encourage activity among staff, which has been helped with a “magic desk”.

The benefits of an MBA for your business

Many people looking to forge a career in business choose the MBA route as a way to improve their business acumen, learn about different ways of working and further their career. But what if you could help them do that