The business keeping UK plc running by connecting man, machine and environment

What are human factors If you don’t know, you’re not alone – they’re the cause of 80 per cent of incidents in the workplace. Real Business spoke with Neil Clark, founder of Integrated Human Factors (IHF), about how he applied his experience in the Royal Air Force and engineering to clients like the NHS.

The strategic CFO’s role in the pursuit of growth

With growth on its mind, international payments firm World First hired its first CFO, appointing an ICAEW mentor to assist the company in its expansion. As such, we talked to Alexander Filshie about avoiding the common pitfalls in the pursuit to growth, as well as what changes CFOs now face.

The importance of balance in business

The cliché says that the world is not made up of black and white issues but shades of grey. As with most clichés there is an element of truth, a truth that one only truly accepts as you reach a certain stage of maturity. The saying is valid in all aspects of life but I have come to recognise that it is also extremely applicable in business. In business, however, I would think that it is normally referred to as "balance".

Why should we encourage young people to think sustainably

Sustainability is not a new concept; from the tax on plastic bags and green businesses to zero waste restaurants and homes, we are all aware of the fragility of our planet’s resources. But why is it important that youngsters are aware of sustainable business concepts though