The seven-year journey from startup to PLC

Three friends brainstorming in a Copenhagen loft using an old kitchen door as a desk makes Zendesk’s initial chapter sound a bit like an outtake scene from The Hangover. However, now a billion-dollar company operating around the world, the business has gone from startup to PLC in just seven years.

The dangers of parody Twitter accounts to brand reputation

While on one side a business can’t really claim to have made it unless someone out there has created a gag Twitter account to poke fun at said named company, there is a danger that these channels can do serious damage to a brand.

The high and low moments of Twitter’s first decade

Twitter is ten years old on 21 March. At first, only a few people got the point of it, but throughout the decade it has become a place for revelations, revolutions and many indiscretions. It’s easy to see why – so we took a look at some of the platform's most iconic moments.

The EU debate: A critical role for business

The EU referendum is the biggest political decision to face Britain for a generation. But while the discussion is gaining daily prominence – it is evident that the outcome will have far reaching consequences for business – there are still some companies choosing to remain mute on the topic.

The Budget 2016: Dont overlook medium-sized businesses

In the UK business landscape, it’s the big and small organisations that grab the headlines. All too often mid-sized companies are overlooked, but these firms have big corporate ambitions and are the next enterprises in waiting.