Experiencing a team away day with a difference

Combine one TV star, add a couple of axes, a tampon and a stricken team member, mix in a little healthy competition and you're left with a team building and motivation experience that not only puts you through your paces, but brings new skills to the surface.

Four signs your staff think you are a bad boss

Let's get one thing clear, bosses are rarely bad on purpose – more often than not they are blissfully unaware that their staff liken their leadership style to Ricky Gervais’ infamous David Brent.

I want it now: Marketing in the age of customer obsession

The year 2015 saw the creation and development of a new type of customer. They’re informed, knowledgeable, demanding and thanks to the likes of social media, armed with an open platform to provide honest feedback on their experiences with brands – whether good, bad or ugly.