The ten best bank adverts of all time

They’ve been accused of poor interest rates and snubbing businesses, but you can always rely on banks for great advertisements. We’ve rounded up ten of the finest promotions to grace British and American TV screens.

The most effective reward programs in the world

It pays to treat your customers nicely, and we’ve highlighted the businesses doing an excellent job of giving back to shoppers by revealing the world’s most effective reward schemes.

What skills will our future leaders need

There has been a lot of press recently about millennials and the type of leadership development that will be beneficial to this generation. As such, Noggin CEO Ben Houghton ponders what we will be looking for from the next generation of employees and how we will evaluate, remunerate and reward these individuals

Mindful working: Stop talking and start doing!

The working world in 2016 differs greatly from that of 20, or even ten, years ago. New technologies have bred working cultures where we’re "always on", with many of us accessing emails around the clock and at our clients and colleagues beck and call. The price we pay for this permanent state of distractedness is huge.

Four of the most successful business giveaways in history

Growth hacking is about using good information and making creative decisions to spur the health of your user base, and giveaway campaigns are great for getting people talking about your brand. Real Business found the most successful – not to mention generous – stunts.

Brand building blocks: The design of trust in a digital world

Trust is the linchpin of any successful business. But as we move to a digital society, businesses must learn to build that trust without the luxury of human interaction. We take a look at the growing importance of logo and design in the digital age.