The UK’s Modern Slavery Act will impact you

From 1 April 2016, under the terms of the Modern Slavery Act, UK businesses with a turnover of £36m and over will be required to make an annual statement which sets out the steps being taken to stamp out slave and child labour from supply chains. If you've never heard of it then you're not alone, but it will probably have an impact on your business.

Streamlining your supply chain

Today's customers are less patient than they once were – however, with regular review processes, businesses can ensure that deliveries are arriving on time, every time. Here are some steps that any business can take to streamline their supply chain.

Why is brand experience crucial to business success

The simple and brutal answer to this question is that we chose to ignore the experience we deliver to our customers at our own peril. We all have one whether we like it or not, the choice is whether we manage it or not.

How does your company carry out R&D?

It is most likely that an in-house team of experts carry out R&D perhaps with assistance from focus groups or market research but most of the time companies look inwards for inspiration. This can be restrictive and often leads to new products being evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

Charlie Mullins: I never consider applications from parental-pushed candidates

Schools, colleges and universities aren’t making enough young people "world-ready", let alone "work-ready" and by the time they come to employers like me they may be hungry for a job, but they don’t often have the real skills they need to enter the workplace no matter how many bits of paper they bring after passing their exams.