British businesswomen are powering economic growth

Finding talent is still a difficult endeavour and without a strong and visible investment in recruitment, organisations will not survive in today’s competitive marketplace. However, women represent the most powerful, yet untapped talent resource we have – and are leading the pact in terms of boosting the economy.

Common pitfalls when relocating staff overseas and how to avoid them

When it comes to expanding your business overseas, simply finding or transferring the right staff isn’t the only consideration. Relocating to a new country is a life-change for an employee, and supporting them through this process is vital in ensuring that they perform to the best of their ability, and stay in the role.

How SME owners can overcome major financial fears

In the UK we can often feel that getting "help" is seen as a sign of weakness. Although help can come in many forms, sourcing a finance solution for your business can fall within this bracket, despite it being for growth.