You need to set the scene for staff to perform

Increasingly modern day culture has veered towards an almost diva-like attitude to employment, meaning we have to work harder to recruit and retain good people. But unless we do so, we have no hope of having a successful company.

Three abnormal lurking places for digital fraud

Data is the lifeblood of most modern day businesses, but it presents a challenge in that it is portable, easily manipulated and relatively effortless to duplicate, so here are the abnormal places that digital fraud attacks may lurk.

A 3D vision for businesses facing the growing printing trend

Imagine a world where a brand could make a digital blueprint of a product – the customer could choose a specific blueprint, select a fabricator to make it and have it shipped straight to them. This is just one possibility in the future world of 3D printing, and no matter how sci-fi it sounds, the rapid advancement of tech has brought this scenario closer.

The European Union: We are witnessing the end of the empire

Disillusion, deceit, discontent, dishonour, disgrace, mixed with vanity and greed, is the lethal potion that brings all empires down – the oxymoron that is the EU is rotting away. The time has more than come for us to leave and cut our losses, before we are economically and politically drowned in its sea of strife.