Brexit and business: Should we be in or out

With the results of the European referendum decision close at hand, both in and out campaigners have worked hard to sway the British public into their way of thinking – with the latest polls still holding strong on a pretty even split.

Rapid research radar: Know your market

Research: few words bring such trepidation for small business owners as this one. But with it being key in business growth, here's how to fit it into your already busy schedule.

Does Brexit really matter for businesses

The subject of the EU referendum is borderline inescapable, and if you’re an undecided business owner, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed by both sides of the debate. Where both Leave and Remain are concerned, argument has taken a backseat to rhetoric.

Here’s what banks could learn from the mighty Amazon

As industries entrenched in out-dated businesses practices begin to experience a sea change, the financial services space – and banks in particular – could pick up a tip or two from the mother of all disruptors, Amazon.

Empowering the digital generation with flexible working

The traditional 9-to-5 employment model has been well and truly shaken up. A combination of demographic shifts, legislations and technological advances mean that expectations have never been higher for employers to fully cater for a new generation of remote workers.