Technology and the law: Whats the future for lawyers

Technology is rapidly evolving and revolutionising how we all do business. As more devices and software become available, all offering to radically improve "business as usual", companies are increasingly desperate to get the latest tech.

Leverage recall challenges to gain positive business outcomes

Most CEO’s live in fear of a recall – the negative connotations for the brand, potential damage to customer relations and logistical, operational and financial impact will generate sleepless nights. But products can go wrong and mistakes do happen, even to some of our best known and most loved brands.

Simple solutions for SMEs to survive summer business challenges

School’s almost out, the weather has cheered up and your employees can’t wait to get away from the office. Staff engagement is at its lowest during the summer, more than any other time of year, as staff look forward to their holidays or generally resent being stuck indoors while the sun is out – there are ways to manage this, however.