Good communication a secret of success!

The ability to communicate through speech is one of the defining human characteristics and has helped to drive our development through millennia. In business clear communication is of course vitally important but for a myriad of reasons we seem to have lost (and are still losing) the required skills.

Innovation lessons from a legendary Olympic athlete

The fans packed into the Olympic Stadium in Mexico City in 1968 saw something they had never seen before. An athlete competing in the men’s high jump went over with his back to the bar. The 21 year old American man, Dick Fosbury, won the gold medal with a leap of 2.24 metres – and set a new Olympic record.

Learning from the automotive greats about reputation

The RepTrak system measures a company’s ability to deliver on expectations. And while it suggested consumer confidence in UK firms is at an all time low, it revealed how most of the automotive industry was jumping from one success to another.

Avoid the back to work battle: Keep employees on track with flexible working

The last bank holiday weekend of the year has taken place, which has prompted the employer’s dreaded nightmare of the “back to work” mood to take place among staff. Although there aren’t any public holidays until Christmas at this point, businesses should bear in mind that there are measures to keep workers on track all year round.

Amazon exclusive: Its not all drones you know

As Amazon continues to expand its cloud service offering, we caught up with Danilo Poccia, technical evangelist at Amazon Web Services, to gain an exclusive look at what the company has in store for its small business clients in the future.