Prepare yourself for an influx of retail technology

With consumers ever more cautious with their spending, companies need to follow suit and ensure any used retail technology will prove its return on investment and show it can directly encourage spend during turbulent times.

The New Year rules to managing performance

A New Year is upon us and many employees will be thinking about ways to boost their career new opportunities, challenges and learning experiences, so now’s an ideal time to ask yourself, Are managers actually managing performance effectively?”

How companies are retaining flight-risk millennials

There’s a shift underway in which employees are now the power players in a tight labour market. With Millennials officially designated as the largest generation in the workforce, nearly every employer finds themselves faced with many challenges. Chiefly among them, retaining flight-risk Millennials.

Five ways to improve your business broadband

As part of the Business Broadband section we’re introducing our resident troubleshooter, who will not only be writing advice articles on how you can make the best of the broadband you have, but also take on business broadband questions from the public.