Western brands” trademarks now increasingly enforceable in China

Michael Conway, an associate and chartered trademark attorney at intellectual property firm Haseltine Lake, discusses recent high-profile cases of Western brands protecting trademarks in China and what it means for UK businesses thinking of operating in the country.

Key lessons from a year of hostile disruption

“There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full. After a year of uncertainty and significant hostile disruption, many business leaders will relate with the sentiment of Henry Kissinger’s quip. But the problem is that it also rings true, at least in terms of readiness.

Overcoming challenges to realise the vision of being a manufacturer

Thermoseal Group is no stranger to winning accolades, with Export Champion of the Year being the latest title bestowed upon it at the 2016 Amazon Growing Business Awards. Intrigued by the company’s journey thus far, we talked with managing director Gwain Paterson, who attributed much of its success to overcoming challenges.