What exactly makes VCTs so attractive

Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) have now been in the market for over two decades. These publicly listed, tax efficient vehicles enable individuals to invest in (usually) startups and early stage growth companies. And growing in popularity, we looked at what made it such an appealing option.

Mind control: Encouraging openness rather than implementing shiny new initiatives

“People usually have no problem talking about feeling physically ill because, that’s just biology, it’s fact, and it’s science.” This passage comes from an article written by Sarah Alonze, senior campaign director at Babel, around our lack of communication around mental health issues. Hoping to learn more about encouraging openness, we asked her a few questions.

How mobile working can help your business grow

Don't shy away from mobile working

While the business world has slowly caught on to the true power of the smartphone as a business tool, it’s a lethargic response which opens up real opportunities for those organisations who embrace mobile ways of working.