Songs that will enhance your performance at work

The question of whether music is distracting in the workplace brings up divided opinion. It’s been noted that sound generally hinders performance, promoting arguments given diverse tastes, yet boosts motivation and elevates stress. Either way, what songs help Brits “get the job done”?

The three golden rules of great business leadership

Why do 40 per cent of UK companies fail” Don?t let it be poor business leadership. Here’s three golden rules that have helped entrepreneur, philanthropist and speaker Greg Secker, founder of Learn to Trade and The Greg Secker Foundation.

Mind control: How helps its staff to love Mondays is a well-established job site, running a marketing campaign equally as well-known. Who hasn’t heard of the knight in shining armour helping people love Mondays” Well, that same knight seems to be helping the company’s own workforce as well.