Supplying UFC and Britain’s rugby team with mouthguards

As can be seen in countless UFC matches, kicks and punches to the head aren?t a rare occurrence. The same can be said of rugby, where tackles can mean having your face smashed into the ground. What both these sports have in common is definitely the need for mouthguards.

The story of the IT manager and the six golden rules

Once upon a time, in an enterprise far, far away, there lived a valiant IT manager and team. The team kept its company’s precious data safe from the evil, horrid hackers. One day, a breach occurred and sensitive data was stolen. Luckily, the company recovered but only just.

Hiring strategy: Finding the best candidates for your business

For businesses running lean operations, having an open position could cause a serious problem. That’s why it’s critical that employers have a strong hiring strategy in place to fuel the pipeline to enable them to select the most suitable, skilled and appropriate candidates quickly.