The importance of not treating employees like children

Adults come to work and undertake the role they are paid for, with maturity and awareness and are able to manage conflict and difficulty. Do your team regularly and consistently do this” If not, perhaps you need to consider whether you’re leading with a parenting style.

How the chief experience officer is transforming business

The growth of this role in today’s corporate hierarchy is not surprising. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit, 59% of bosses see turnover increase faster when they prioritise investment in the customer experience. Earlier this year, PwC announced the appointment of its first CXO, announcing that the role would evolve the firm’s approach to business […]

International expansion: Addressing 5 common concerns

A strategy focused on international expansion can drive significant benefits. Whether you are opening new offices, targeting an overseas customer base or acquiring companies overseas, there’s huge potential to scale your business and win market share.