How to increase footfall into your retail store

retail footfall

No footfall equals no business. It really is that simple. For this reason, it’s imperative that you explore new and exciting ways of constantly increasing the foot traffic of your retail store.

Do you have to be a militant vegan to lead a cruelty-free business?

We’re in the midst of a vegan revolution in business, and it’s not only about food choices, nor aggressive activism. These three founders are changing the way we see vegan businesses. They can be commercially savvy, and ideologically realistic as well as passionate about a cruelty-free economy.

Are your meetings a waste of time Here are ways to make them more productive

Team meetings

How many meetings have you sat in where time-wasting is high and positive attitudes are low” So what’s a boss to do” The answer” Listen to the sentiments of your bored employees. Sick of pointless meetings” if so, here are some global statistics you can use to improve the quality of your meetings today.