The smart, connected future of fleet management from a CEO’s perspective

How will we be insuring the fleets of the future?

The rise of rapid e-commerce and delivery services has made customers more demanding, and rightly so. However, this means that organisations must improve the efficiency and environmental performance of their fleets in return. Want to modernise and keep up with consumer demand Start by integrating AI systems into fleet management practices to create a smarter and more efficient process.

AI will innovate your SME, but get to grips with it first

For too long Artificial Intelligence or (AI), has been seen as the great yet scary unknown for businesses. The possibilities of AI, and it’s potential to upscale and innovate your business are endless. But ensure you do your homework first. Let my easy-to-read guide on AI for SMEs be your first positive step towards AI learning and implementation.

The best social media marketing books every SME should read

Read these social media marketing books

Social media holds fantastic opportunities for SMEs. But knowing how to use social media effectively is very different to posting occasionally on Twitter. Real Business compiles a list of the best social media marketing books every SME should read.