How having kids made me a better manager

“Becoming a mum is the best thing I have ever done. Setting up my own business is the second.” Here’s why Petra Smith, founder of Squirrels&Bears?believes being a mum makes her better in business.

An open letter to those who think remote working doesn’t work


Earlier this month, BNY Mellon attempted to ban all its UK employees from remote working, only to make a swift U-turn two days later following a backlash from employees and equality campaigners. While the banking giant ?takes a few months to reconsider its approach?, Nigel Davies, founder of digital workplace Claromentis, pens an open letter.

How to look after your mental health in the business world

mental health

Being a successful entrepreneur takes resilence by the bucketload. However, this isn’t just about being tough and ‘rolling with the punches’. True resilience, and ultimately business success relies on entrepreneurs creating strategies that prevent stress, fatigue, and burnout in the long-term.