Why your business doesn’t need ‘a bit of PR’: Your business needs it done properly

PR is not simply about sound bites, column inches, tweets, posts, and shares it’s about delivering the business plan. So far, many businesses seek PR advice but fail to take it seriously, and as such, only shallow project implementations are delivered with limited success. It’s about time that businesses revise their approach and attitude towards PR agencies, here’s how they can aid your business in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Small is beautiful let’s redefine how we measure entrepreneurial success

FedEx Small Business Grant: ?20,000 for winning SME, ?10,000 for runner-up.

We re told as entrepreneurs that bigger is best, that we should concentrate on growth at all costs and that a key measure of success is turnover and the number of staff that we employ. But that approach can lead to misery, burn out and poor mental health. Here’s my own story about growth, expectations, ego and the lessons I learned as a CEO of a growing business.