Driving sales in a rapidly expanding market

Sales strategy

While driving sales in a market ostensibly fuelled by high demand might seem easy, it can be anything but. High demand naturally gives rise to high supply with a flood of providers coming into the space meaning that differentiation of offering and a compelling customer journey are vital if you want to sustain consistent, quality sales.

Why apprenticeships are good for business

For many years, university was the bastion of social prestige, academic achievement, and prospective economic success for young people. But this is starting to change due to the many failings of the university system, including the fact that the acquisition of a degree no longer guarantees a well-paid and stable job. So is earning while you learn the answer” Let’s talk apprenticeships…

How to use storytelling to make planning and reporting meetings matter

The second quarter of any new year is a strange one. For some companies, it can feel dormant – as first-quarter launches deploy and reflections from the previous year take a back seat, there’s often a sense of suspension in the air. But realistically, this is a critical and dynamic time for leadership. I’m here to tell you why, and how to make the most of this crucial time…