Fight or flight? Why some stress at work can actually be good for you

It’s inevitable; the workplace can be a breeding ground for stress. So it’s important that businesses take this into consideration if they want to recruit and retain today’s top talent. Begin by understanding the differences between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ forms of stress, and the different effects they can have on workplace productivity and wellbeing.

Brexit: Big businesses are moving abroad and uncertainty is stifling SME growth

When huge multi-national decide to lay-off staff, shift their headquarters over the channel or close entire factories, they grab headlines. The impending closures of Honda’s swindon car plant and the Michelin tyre factory in Dundee, plus the week-long shut down imposed by Jaguar Land Rover are part of a new and concerning trend for UK manufacturing, and in UK business life generally. But what about SMEs and why aren’t we talking about the damage Brexit uncertainty is doing to them?