2020: Data profiling in the workplace could become the norm

The research, conducted by PwC, predicts that by 2020 Generation Y will form half of the global workforce and bring with them their different attitudes to technology and personal data. And it seems that they are much more open to sharing personal data with their employees.

This will allow employers to understand what motivates their workforce and why people might move jobs and to improve employee well-being. 

Michael Rendell, global HR consulting leader at PwC, said: “Just as advertisers and retailers are using data from customers’ online and social media activity to tailor their shopping experience, organisations could soon start using workers’ personal data (with their permission) to measure and anticipate performance and retention issues. This sort of data profiling could also extend to real-time monitoring of employees’ health, with proactive health guidance to help reduce sick leave.

“Key to the success of organisations being able to use employee data will be developing measurable benefits for those who hand over their data and building trust through clear rules about how data is acquired, used and shared.”

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