Business casual: Gents’ style redefined for 2020

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Whichever way you look at it, you are a brand and your clothes are your most important marketing materials. Hence, it’s worth considering what kind of message you’re sending with the clothes you choose to wear. 

Outside the office, you’re free to do pretty much anything you like. Keep things simple or make a statement – you’re not necessarily out to impress or influence.  Nevertheless, it’s an entirely different story where business attire is concerned.

But what does ‘dressing to impress’ mean from a 2020 perspective? How has the whole business attire issue evolved and shifted over recent years?

The rise of business casual

In a nutshell, the new rules for dressing for success points almost entirely to business casual, though this in its own right creates a number of challenges. One of these challenges is making a statement and leaving a lasting impression when at the same time looking effortless.

It’s the classic case of looking absolutely impeccable, though giving the impression you’ve made no real effort at all. Instead, it’s your natural charm, character and charisma that makes you look and feel the part – not the tie collection you retired five years ago.

Simplicity in suits

Ask any business attire expert and they’ll tell you the same – every man needs a solid dark suit. That accompanied by a medium grey or navy suit for younger wearers, but a solid dark suit is the gent’s closest equivalent of a ‘little black dress’ for all occasions. 

Coupled with sensible shoes, a statement-making watch and good grooming, there’s not a great deal else you need. On that note, good grooming remains exponentially more important than the way you dress for business. Nothing can undo the appeal of a fabulous suit quite like ungroomed hair or a five o’clock shadow. 

Ties remain optional, though are fast falling out of favour where business casual is concerned. Too stuffy, to date and too formal…even in relatively formal situations. 

A question of cufflinks…

Style-conscious men in droves have stopped wearing ties, opting for a slightly less formal overall look. How do you achieve a polished, professional and personal look without a tie?  You finish your suit with a pair of captivating cufflinks in either Gold or Silver.

Cufflinks are a small detail that nonetheless carries a powerful message about the wearer’s flair and sophistication. They are by no means considered mandatory or even the norm, which is precisely why they carry such appeal.

You don’t need them and nor are they expected, and that’s why they make such an impact when you wear them…and wear them well. Particularly if you opt for custom made, bespoke cufflinks – quite the conversation starter as an added bonus.

Comfort and practicality 

Above all else, dressing for success in 2020 is as much about comfort and practicality as it is keeping up appearances. If you’re not comfortable in your attire, it’s easily noticeable.

At which point, it becomes apparent to those around you that you’ve made far too much effort. You’ve dressed in a manner that’s not ‘you’ in an attempt to impress, rather than showing any real personality. 

Of course, there will always be times when a super-stiff suit and immaculately knotted tie is the only way to go. Elsewhere, business casual is the way to dress for success in 2020, and it’s far more enjoyable too.  

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