Sustainable IT solutions

Concept - Sustainable IT solutions

Also known as ?green IT?, sustainable IT is the management, manufacturing and disposal of IT systems that ensure a minimal amount of damage to the environment. Find out how to be mindful of the consequences of your business activities.

Essential software for the home office

Close up of young woman home office technology

2020 has seen a great shift of millions of staff that usually work on company premises to a new arrangement of working remotely from home. Although most people have had little control over this new mode of work, it is an ongoing trend that has gradually been gathering pace over the last decade. More employers […]

8 ways to reduce your IT costs

Digital image with multiple screens and costs

Businesses can sometimes cut costs by taking a more efficient and sustainable approach to operations. Here are 8 practical ways to reduce your IT costs.

Are you snooping on your staff or listening to them?

Man wearing headphones on a conference call

Business owners can make smart tactical and strategic changes that help ensure greater team engagement and increased performance. Here, Nick Matthews, of Culture Amp, offers four practical approaches to drive employee productivity.