Meet the man who helps keep the internet cool

Marc Rigby of Emtec Climate Solutions at work

Sacrificing every Saturday to attend a two-year NVQ course, Marc Rigby dedicated his time, energy and cash to increase his knowledge of specialist engineering. Twenty years on, and now owner and managing director of Emtec Climate Solutions Ltd, he has an enviable list of clients, including many high profile data centres, Centrica and the NHS.

Key lessons to running an oil company from home

Running an oil company from home

An oil company requires a large number of employees working onsite in close proximity to each other. So how can you run an oil company from home Boris Ivanov, founder of GPB Global Resources B.V. explains.

McCann Bespoke: The tailor to great British sportsmen measures up

Neil McCann, Founder of McCann Bespoke Tailors

McCann Bespoke combine ?modern-day aesthetics with the classic virtues of British tailoring” to bring high-end, tailored craftsmanship to suit the tastes, preferences and demands of their customers. We talk to founder Neil McCann about how he’s bringing bespoke tailoring into the 21st century.