How effective fleet management can reduce your business costs

Fleet vehicles

The key to effective fleet management is recognising what “effective” really means. To some businesses fleet management is a function absorbed into other roles and given an ad hoc status and appreciation. Inevitably this leads to a skewed approach in how costs are managed. There are many costs directly linked to fleet management and they […]

(The Reality of) Pandemic Fatigue for Working Mums

Mental exhaustion is nothing new for working mums, but the pandemic has brought a whole new meaning of fatigue, with some unable to do either job as a mum or as a business owner, well. Founders of The Positive Planners and mental health campaigners, Ali McDowall and Finn Prevett discuss the reality of being a working-mum amidst the pandemic.

Elon Musk quotes – from simulation to inspiration

Elon Musk Quotes – From Simulation to Inspiration

Inspiration can be drawn from many places. Some might find art or nature inspiring, while others will look to great people who have led the way in their field. If you are looking for inspiration for business, look no further than Elon Musk. This self-made billionaire who made it to the top of the world’s […]