How to build an integrated service into your business

If the past year has taught us anything it’s that sticking to the same business model and strategy just won’t do anymore. Many businesses have had to extend their offering to keep afloat such as moving their services online and some have had to completely alter their product temporarily until normal trading begins, whatever that new normal may be or look like. Some have even been online but are now considering bricks and mortar premises to enable them to re connect with their customers in a new, post-pandemic way.

How SMEs Can Best Prepare For A Hybrid Work Future

Last year, not all firms could offer remote working options for employees, but many of those who were able to are now considering how they can blend the best of home working with the best of working at physical premises.
Employees’ expectations have also changed for good. According to Microsoft’s recent Work Trend Index, 71 percent of UK workers want flexible remote work options to stay. Data from the CIPD shows that 65 percent of employers offered no option to work from home before the pandemic, a figure that has now fallen to 37 percent.
As SMEs now look at their return to physical premises, business owners and leaders can build the true hybrid workplace of the future. And there’s a strong reason to do so.

The SME Guide to Cloud Telephony for Hybrid Working

The global pandemic has set new precedents in our attitudes towards how, where, and when we work. Lockdowns taught us that so much more can be done remotely than we ever thought possible and proved to the UK workforce that a large percentage of businesses could facilitate remote working structures – and now it could be here to stay.
As labour markets become increasingly competitive, SMEs must make sure they stand out as businesses that will invest in their workforce, show care and compassion towards their wellbeing, and be flexible in how their employees’ work.

Luke Boase: Shaking Up the Beer Industry

Over the past year, we have had so much time to confront deeply rooted habits and make small changes to our lifestyles that benefit our health and wellbeing. One of the main ones: moderating our alcohol intake. Real Business had the opportunity to sit down with CEO of Lucky Saint, Luke Boase, to talk about how his company’s non-alcoholic beer is shaking up the drinking industry.