How to build an integrated service into your business

If the past year has taught us anything it’s that sticking to the same business model and strategy just won’t do anymore. Many businesses have had to extend their offering to keep afloat such as moving their services online and some have had to completely alter their product temporarily until normal trading begins, whatever that new normal may be or look like. Some have even been online but are now considering bricks and mortar premises to enable them to re connect with their customers in a new, post-pandemic way.

Terminating an apprenticeship early? Employer & employee rights

Terminating an apprenticeship early

An apprenticeship can be a great opportunity for both an apprentice and their employer. The apprentice will learn skills which will enable them to progress in their chosen career whilst the employer has the opportunity to grow talent from within their organisation. However, sometimes apprenticeships don’t work out and the employer or apprentice may consider […]

Moving to a Hybrid Working Model


The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly changed how SMEs operate and has uncovered new opportunities for leaders and owners in navigating the shift to hybrid. It has transformed how firms work, do business, and meet customer needs and has brought to light the positive impact that remote working can have. It is essential that SME leaders […]

Digital Preparedness and Upskilling for SMEs


There has never been a more important time for SMEs to reflect on the importance of digital skills and ensuring the UK workforce is well equipped to navigate hybrid working. Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, digital tools and experiences were becoming interwoven into daily life. Despite an acceleration of digital transformation in response to the […]