Is TikTok changing the way we apply for jobs?


TikTok are piloting their latest addition to platform: TikTok Resumes. Currently only available in the USA, the new feature in the app will help employers find their ideal candidates through short, creative videos while also helping users find new career opportunities and apply through TikTok’s easy-to-use tools.

Capri Cafaro on providing food for thought: Interview

From TV-host to Author turned Cook, Real Business catches up with Capri Cafaro on why she is empowering entrepreneurs through her female equality activism and the importance of food for creating unity. The former Ohio State Senator explains the significance of food during her time in government, frequently leading to productive conversations while reaching over the political aisle.

What is the work of a HR recruiter?

Are you interested in a career as an HR recruiter? Or perhaps you require the services of one and are wondering exactly what they do? There are many job roles in the HR world, all requiring a wealth of different qualifications and experiences.  Do you know what HR recruiters do? Or are you potentially interested […]