National Food Strategy Could Strike a Blow to Bespoke Food Businesses

The National Food Strategy Plan, led by businessman Henry Dimbleby, has stated that the food industry exploits our nation’s poorest, as fast food and high-food products are typically more affordable and more readily available to those on a strict budget. The report has advised the government to hike taxes on ingredients like salt and sugar; this would inevitably raise production costs and market prices, discouraging people from turning to the high-calorie foods like confectionary and cheese.

How SMEs are reacting to ‘Freedom Day’

As the clock struck midnight, many nightclubs up and down the country opened their doors to the glee of many, but are all of the country’s SMEs following in the same foot steps? We find out.

What is a sales and marketing plan?

What is a sales and marketing plan?

Everyone has heard the saying ‘without a plan, you plan to fail’, right? And this rings especially true when it comes to sales and marketing plans for your business. Sales and marketing plans are put in place by sales and marketing teams to outline specific goals and the steps that should be taken in order […]