British business disrupted from the dubbed ‘Pingdemic’

A record number of people who have come into contact with an infected individual are being forced to self-isolate, whereby most have been ‘pinged’ by the NHS contact-tracing app. Having already produced significant disruptions for many SMEs and critical services already, the “Pingdemic” threatens to undermine the efforts of the country and it’s 6 million SMEs it inhabits who have tried to keep afloat over the past 16 month.

What is post-shipment finance and how could it help your exporting business?

What is post-shipment finance?

As an exporter, one of the biggest challenges in the export business is the waiting period between shipping goods (or providing services) to an overseas client and the time in which you get paid for the goods and services that you have provided. The larger the shipment, the larger the risk, and the more potential […]

How to offer finance to your customers in the UK

How to offer finance to my customers UK

When it comes to offering finance to customers in the UK, business owners have two basic options; they can either administer the customer finance themselves or work with a third party financing company to run the credit operations on your behalf. Decide what type of finance you want to offer Choose a financing firm to […]