Job Vacancies hit a record high in the UK

Last Summer we prepared ourselves for a job crisis, instead businesses are struggling to fill positions. It was reported this morning by The Office of National Statistics (ONS) that job vacancies in the UK have risen above one million; a new record high.

How an Entrepreneurial Graduate is Battling University Loneliness


Founder and CEO of Umii, Georgia Wheadon, launched her app to try to combat on-campus isolation, a nationwide issue that has worsened during the pandemic. She now works with several universities across the country to create friendships and connections on an interface that is safe, secure, and student friendly.    It is the time of year again where students […]

Business survival strategies – what are they?

Business survival strategies- what are they?

As a business owner, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. We live in volatile and unprecedented times, and there are so many variables and risks that you should take into consideration if you want your business to survive. A great example of this was the covid-19 pandemic that created an immense amount of […]

Why Your Team Needs a Coach with Joanna Howes

Leadership and Performance Coach and Founder and CEO of The Change Creators, Joanna Howes talks through why your SME should consider the learning and development of your team as a necessity and not just a perk.