22: Dexion Capital

Robin Bowie is a bona fide workaholic. He puts in around 85 hours a week at Dexion Capital, the hedge fund consultancy he founded back in 2000. “When most people think ‘work’, they think, ‘how tedious’. I think, ‘what a thrill!’.” His dedication has paid off. From an initial investment of £25,000, the London-based firm now turns over £8.4m a year, with compound growth over the past four years of 121 per cent. And revenues are set to double, with a £19m turnover and £3.3m in profits this year.

Bowie decided to set up the company after a career in banking, “I was 38 years old and I thought, ‘I’m going nowhere. If I don’t get off my arse soon, I’m going to keep going nowhere’.” This was an intolerable prospect for Bowie, who was born in India (where his father worked as a tea taster) and grew up in Italy, spending time in Malaysia and England before attending university in Tennessee. “Having such a varied background is great for client interaction,” says Bowie. “I know how to sing for my supper.”

His tips for growth? Drawing. “I keep huge pieces of paper in the office. That’s how I plan ahead and work out how things fit into the business. By doing lots of drawing.”


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