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25 interesting facts about the Web on its 25th birthday

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9. World Wide Web was finalized as the name of the project, after it was preferred over Information Mesh, Mine of Information and Information Mine. 

10. The use of ‘www’ as a subdomain name is not required by any technical or policy standard. In fact, the first ever web server was called

11. In the 1990s, Bill Gates reportedly said that an Internet browser was ‘a trivial piece of software’. He later launched one of the most famous web browsers of all time “Internet Explorer’.

12. Google was the most visited website in 2013, but 10 years ago it was Myspace and AOL making history.

13. According to figures by W3Tech, over half of webpages are written in English, down from 56.4 per cent in 2002, as other languages are growing more popular online.

14. The web has changed the way ordinary people can become famous, CNN argues. The majority of today’s celebrities owe their fame to their web presence. 

15. According to a report from Latitude, 60 per cent of people admit that they have a better opinion about a brand depending on the website experience they offer.

16. Most things built on the web are neither open nor free. Platforms have built fortunes from exploiting the facilities offered by the web. The only exception is Wikipedia.

17. When Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal, his boss was the first of many people who didn’t get it initially. His manager described the web as “vague but interesting”.

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