25 perks to make a good boss turn into the perfect employer

Google has for the second time in a row topped Fortune magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For“. However, unlike one might think, the perks of the Googleplex is merely part of the equation.

According to TalentSmart president Travis Bradberry: ?Google knows that people don’t leave companies; they leave bosses. But unlike most companies, which wait around hoping for the right bosses to come along, Google builds each Googler the boss of their dreams.”

The internet giant’s analytics team researches the qualities that make managers great at Google. These managers aren’t just high performers, they receive high marks for their leadership from the people that report to them. They’re the managers everyone wants to work for, Bradberry claimed.

In the words of Laszlo Bock, Google’s SVP of people operations: “Our best managers have teams that perform better, are retained better, are happier ? they do everything better.?

Bradberry explained that when he previously asked audiences to describe the best and worst boss they ever worked for, people inevitably ignored innate characteristics such as intelligence and attractiveness, and instead focused on qualities that are completely under the boss’s control ? including passion, insight, and honesty. As we all know, this often comes hand in hand with a few business perks.

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The team at MobileSlots.com, however, has suggested that it’s a lot simpler to garner respect than it seems. Unforgettable bosses are human, and they aren’t afraid to show it ? not to mention that they give employees their birthday off. The latter was unveiled when MobileSlots.com quizzed a focus group of office workers on what attributes would make the perfect business leader.

Many of the things that were cited actually happen out of office, such as after work cocktail master classes and a good Christmas party. For those who can’t afford much of either, the important concept to grasp is that staff members truly seem to want to spend more time together outside of the business sphere ? and that a little bonding time will do wonders for your reputation.

Other in-office treats included a coffee maker, no ban on social media and doughnuts for the whole team. Of course, these simpler pleasures were accompanied by a few which would leave a business out of pocket, including company cars, gym memberships and free tickets to all their favourite sports.

A spokesperson for MobileSlots.com said: ?It was interesting to uncover the attributes that make up an ideal boss and we certainly wouldn?t mind a few of these. Particularly striking was the mix of in office and out of office activities. A lot of people assume that once the working day is done a boss? role isn?t important.

?It seems that those who are most liked are those who go the extra mile in paying attention to their workers? interests and treating them accordingly.?

Here?s the list of things a boss can do to keep their employees happy:

(1) Giving birthdays off
(2) Leaving early on a Friday
(3) A free gym membership
(4) A constant supply of office sweets
(5) Vending machines with free drinks and snacks
(6) Team spa day
(7) Extra training courses
(8) A voucher on your birthday
(9) Time off around Christmas
(10) Treating the team to lunch
(11) Tickets to see sports
(12) A decent Christmas party
(13) Buying the team a round on a Friday
(14) Taking employees on a cocktail masterclass
(15) Bringing in doughnuts
(16) Providing a fancy coffee maker
(17) A weekly fruit delivery
(18) Not banning social media
(19) Free magazines
(20) Brand new company cars
(21) Smartphones all round
(22) Provides a nap room
(23) Yoga breaks
(24) A year of paid parental leave for new mums and dads
(25) Allowing flexible working hours and letting people work from home

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